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>> reporter: in an e-mail to the a.p. general petraeus said impassages of the burning of the koran would be use by extremists to incite violence. jones is standing by plans to protest the september 1 #th attacks by leading his congregation in gainesville, florida, in burning copies of the koran this saturday. the ninth anniversary of the attacks. >> we still feel that we must send a clear message to radical islam. >> reporter: protests in afghanistan included burning posters with jones' image on it and strong words from an interfaith group that included fellow evangelical christians. >> to those who do this, you bring dishonor to the name of jesus christ. >> reporter: what is unfolding
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in florida is a far cry what heart song church in tennessee is doing. >> we love jesus. he says to love our neighbors. >> they are left-handing space as they complete a new islamic center. >> a state department spokesperson called the florida pastor's plan to burn the koran on 9/11 un-american. it can be an uphill fight for incumbents and democrats hoping to remain in control. 61% of those surveyed people the country is headed in the wrong direction. 65% described the country as being in a state of decline. 49% said they would rather see a republican-controlled house, 40% said they would like a democrat-controlled house. the number of americans
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dissatisfied with president obama's handling of the economy has climbed to 56%. concerns about the health of europe's economy drove american stocks downward on wall street today. the dow jones fell 170 points. it closed at 10,340. the nasdaq down about 24 points to 2,208. the s&p 500 down almost 13 points at 1,091. a day of domestic violence ended peacefully in pennsylvania. it started in bethesda, shots were fired, schools were placed on lock down. >> reporter: doreen, i just talked to joshua prince's attorney. she helped negotiate his surrender this afternoon in pennsylvania. she said prince had no intention of hurting anyone. she says he is a navy veteran who was a medic for the marines
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in iraq. she described him as a young man who wants someday to become a doctor. joshua prince, the 32-year-old suspect in that domestic shooting incident in bethesda, now the custody in pennsylvania. they say he surrendered there peacefully. police say prince shot at his ex-girlfriend inside the parking garage of the avalon apartments. this morning she is in that garage on her way to work. he's in that garage, too. he has a rifle. he fires some shots, misses her, but hits her car a couple of times. that gun fire sets off a chain of events. >> for us here, we are surprised that would happen. yeah. >> reporter: close by your house? >> yeah. very close. >> reporter: the s.w.a.t. team
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deployed. some highway exits shut down. nearby schools placed on code blue, a systematic search for suspect prince, hospital worker they described as armed and dangerous. according to court documents, the victim broke up with joshua prince september 1st. september 3rd the victim goes out with another friend and returns to her apartment. the victim claims prince was watching her and her friend. the victim says that night prince banged on her door for 30 minutes. the victim says she opened the door and told prince it's over. later that night the victim says her car and her friend's car vandalized. september 4th the victim seeks a protective order against prince saying his aggressive and dangerous behavior makes her fear for her safety. then this morning in that parking garage, the shooting incident. >> i just ploouf moved from
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florida. i thought it was a safe neighborhood. >> reporter: there is a hearing set for the protective order. it is unlikely prince will make that hearing. doreen, back to you. >> pat collins, reporting from bethesda. thank you, pat. people who work at the discovery channel in downtown silver spring returned for their first full day of work since the hostage standoff when james lee walked into the lobby with a gun and explosives. police shot and killed lee after several hours of negotiations. none of the hostages was injuried. the man accused in a drunk driving case that killed a nun will face felony murder charges. the most serious charge ever levied against a dui suspect. a grand jury indicted carlos
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martinelli montano. he crashed into a car carrying nuns. 66-year-old denise mosier died, two other nuns were seriously injured. he was driving with a suspended license. if he is convicted he is facing up to 40 years in prison. that case is prompting changes at virginia dmv. bob mcdonnell has ordered that agency to stop accepting federal identification cards as proof of residence. martinelli montano used such a card to get an i.d.
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a northern virginia community is mourning the loss of a couple who owned a business many thought was the heart and soul of the community. the owners of nichols hardware store died in a car accident. jane watrel has their story. >> reporter: it's a huge loss for a small town as the purcellville community comes to grips with the deaths of karen and ted nichols. who were killed in a horrific car crash. >> amazing people. they have been running the store forever. they have been a staple here. a kindly group of folks and he runs this place and the people around him act the same way. >> reporter: stylist theresa wolf works a few doors down, a store owned by the same family since 1914 where the clerks call you by your first name. generations are paying tribute on the steps of the store. >> it is a big tragedy for their
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family and all of us. i grew up here. they have been here forever it seems like. >> reporter: the one-car accident happened near front royal on sunday afternoon. karen and ted nichols were passengers in a chevy suburban when the driver lost control. the warren county accident not only killed the nichols, but took the life of a 90-year-old relative as well who also lived in purcellville. four others were sent to area hospitals. barbara says purcellville residents are learning about the tragic accident. the nichols seemed to know everyone in loudoun county and the business was the place to go if you needed something. >> i think everyone is in shocked. some people heard, some people hadn't. it has been the talk of the shop here this morning. everyone is very saddened. >> around town there is worry that the hardware store which is now closed may stay that way. they're hoping it will continue on for future generations.
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>> it is going to be dramatic. i mean, this is going to be an impact on the town of purcellville. you can buy anything you wanted there, you know. they were always there, seven days a week. >> a small town mourning its heart and soul. in purcellville, jane watrel, news 4. >> state police say all the passengers in the car were wearing seat belts and alcohol was not a factor. funeral arrangements are being made. a new left turn signal is operating at one of the busiest intersections in georgetown. drives on m street can turn north on wisconsin avenue. all three eastbound lanes can travel through that intersection if they choose. transportation officials say the change was made at the request of residents and community leaders. they eliminated nine parking spaces, moved a loading zone and relocated a bus stop to make it
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all work. coming up -- firefighters watched their own homes burn to the ground as dangerous wildfires burn through colorado. the dutchman suspected in being involved in the disappearance of natalee holloway, giving up a jailhouse interview. the attacks on the campus of university of maryland are becoming more violent. >> more hot weather with a high of 94. that hot weather is not going to stick around. a big cooldown in the forecast. coming up in sports, redskins owner dan snyder talks about maturing as an owner. it is dallas week for the redskins. excitement is building in the locker room.
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> there is a court proceeding under way in fairfax county to resentence a man who was convicted of several murders and rapes. he was linked to the murder of rachel raver in a vacant lot in december of 1988. both the victims were the 2 years old. prieta was on death row in california. prosecutors won a conviction in 2007 but a mistrial was declared after a juror said he was pressured to convict. the retrial ended with two life sentences. # then the virginia supreme court ruled that jurors were given an improper form so prietto had to be officially sentenced again. young murder suspect joran van der sloot made a big admission in an interview he
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gave to dutch tv from his prison cell in peru. he did admit to extortion for accepting $25,000 from natalee holloway's family. van der sloot said "at one point i said, okay, you keep insisting that you want to give me this money. i already told a lot of different stories. i'll do it again. and yeah, i know it is very wrong, very wrok what i did. natalee holloway was the young american woman who was murdered in the caribbean. he claims the reason he took the money is because holloway's family attorney came to him with the offer. the family attorney says it was the other way around. tropical storm hermine has left a mark on texas. the nation's battle against smoking appears to have been stalled. >> and doug has a look at great weather headed our way.
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good afternoon. i wish i could be the bearer of good news. unfortunately, i just can't. taking a look at the capital beltway. here is what you have in store. a lot of volume. inner and outer loop. this is the pace as you make your way towards river road. inner loop continues all the way around through silver spring. the pace lets up prior to connecticut avenue. as you make your way to connecticut avenue, things are down right delightful. it is stacking up. heavy on the beltway. no big problems into woodbridge but further south you are in for big delays. it is solid in stafford toward the rap han knock bridge where all lanes
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former brib british prime minister tony blair is canceling an interview. he tells why he decided to go to war in iraq in his book. he has been the focus of mass protests. blair cancelled the appearance tomorrow because he doesn't want the public to be inconvenienced by protesters and put an extra strain on police resources. anti-war demonstrators planned a rally outside the book signing tomorrow. three wildfires raging in the spanish province of valencia forced the evacuation of dozens of families. seven helicopters and five planes are working on the fire. investigators say they believe these fires were intentionally set. in colorado the fight continues this evening to stop a raging wildfire that has been burning since monday. it is happening in boulder county in colorado.
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that fire has destroyed at least 3,500 acres and many homes. leanne gregg has our report. >> reporter: 5 1/2 square miles destroyed along with dozens of homes, some belonging to firemen. >> it is just black char everywhere, man. >> reporter: the fight is on to save other structures. delays to getting planes in the air, but today wind is not the issue. >> we have had a weather inversion over the fire holding the smoke close to the ground. >> reporter: the blaze broke out in four mile canyon northwest of boulder. 45-mile-an-hour wind gusts quickly sent flames rolling through the foothills forcing people from their homes in the canyons and surrounding areas. >> it is important to have some level of patience. even if your property may be implicated in this fire. >> reporter: it is a difficult and dangerous fight, rugged steep terrain. more than 35 agencies have
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responded to the fire. state and federal help is on the way. spotting planks, tankers are prepared to make runs this afternoon after being grounded this afternoon and most of monday. no injuries have been reported, but the spencers, whose home was destroyed, are among those feeling a loss. >> the one thing that has concerned me more than anything else is my neighbors. it's not just a bunch of people who like each other. it's love. >> reporter: it is not clear when the fire will be contained. >> that looks awful. they could use some rain. >> a lot of us could use some rain. we have been extremely dry here. one place that is seeing a ton of race, tropical storm hermine
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making its way on shore in texas. first off for us, another gorgeous day with plenty of sunshine and bright blue skies. a plane making its way into national airport. clear for landing. 94 degrees, the high temperature. what a shot out there. skycam looking good. a few high clouds from time to time. average high temperature around 82. it was nice and warm, a great day. humidity has not been a factor over the last couple of days. i don't expect it to over the next few. 91 the current temperature. humidity 32%. winds out of the south at 14 miles per hour. 89 right now in baltimore. 94 in frederick, martinsburg, west virginia, 90. satellite and radar showing clear skies, nothing but
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sunshine. the only thing moving our way is a frontal boundary. showers and thunderstorms firing up in the ohio valley, parts of kentucky. that frontal boundary will move in the area. behind it, cooler, dryer air. we have a chance of a shower early tomorrow morning as the front moves through. behind that front we see clearing skies tomorrow afternoon and cooler air sliding in for the day on thursday and friday. the end of the week, thursday, friday and saturday are looking fantastic. hermine made its way onshore as a strong tropical storm with winds of 65 miles an hour. it is still a tropical storm even though it is making its way toward the north. look at the spin out of san antonio. san antonio, austin, seeing a lot of rain. upwards of six to eight inches potentially. this band has produced numerous tornado warnings.
6:25 pm
they have seen the rain. severe weather as well. winds gusting upwards of 60 miles an hour. the storm is starting to fizzle out. could be a depression as of the next advisory at 11:00. high clouds, nice evening. 79 to 85 as you are making your way home or loved ones making their way home. tomorrow, mostly cloudy. a few passing showers. you may want to send the kids with the umbrella. most of us should stay on the dry side. tomorrow, not bad at all. sun and clouds, still warm. temperatures 84 to 89. it is going to be a great day. once the clouds move through. on thursday, friday and saturday, fantastic. 78 thursday. 78 on friday. lows in the 50s friday morning. saturday looking great and as we move through sunday and monday we told you we need some rain.
6:26 pm
that is the best chance we have seen in a while for shower activity on sunday. highs in the 80s sunday, monday and tuesday. we are not talking about a lot of rain on tuesday. this is a storm system that will bring a frontal boundary, could stall out. maybe enough to give us quarter an inch to a half an inch. it is not going to be that much. >> we will keep our fingers crossed. >> especially those of us with lawns out there. some folks in virginia made an unusual discoverys in the appalachian mountains. >> a new waterfront park along the anacostia river. at the university of maryland robbers armed with a handgun threatened their victims in two separate off-campus attacks. what are police doing about it? i'll have a report. coming up in sports, boise state validates its number three ranking against virginia tech. it is dallas week for the
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redskins. tensions are flying high in the locker room. and redskins owner dan snyder says he has matured a [ male announcer ] antiques can be nice. but you wouldn't want an antique computer. or an antique tv. ♪ or an antique remote control.
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so why are you still using an antique cable network created in 1948 for your 2010 tv? it's time to hook your tv up to a 100% fiber optic network. it's time for fios. visit call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v.
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students are on alert after a series of armed robberies near the university of maryland campus. at least nine students have been robbed since that crime spree
6:30 pm
began at the beginning of the school year. >> police with the university of maryland and the city of college park are meeting to talk about the robberies. one of the victims is speaking out. chris gordon reports. >> the news that the robbers were armed with a handgun has alarmed residents in this neighborhood where the most recent robbery took place monday night. >> i know it can happen anywhere, but i'm a little surprised with the gun activity. >> reporter: it began along this bike and hiking trail along osage trail. two suspects came up behind the victims and threatened them with a gun. this student's roommate and brother were robbed. he believes the suspects live nearby. >> they came up from behind and put the gun up to his head from behind and the other suspect tooblg everything from his pockets. >> reporter: suspects fitting the same description struck here on navahoe street.
6:31 pm
the victim was a young post grad faculty staff member at the university of maryland and his wife. they didn't want to appear on camera but they told us what happened. >> the one man put a gun on my head and asked, give me your money. or otherwise i will shoot you. or something like that. >> the second guy after i screamed said don't scream, very clearly so i can remember. and they took away everything said walk away, don't look back. >> reporter: the robbers got awi with an iphone, her purse and all their cash. this following a series of off campus attacks that started in late august. students were robbed leaving a local restaurant, at a shuttle bus stop. university of maryland police are working with prince george's county detectives to solve these crimes. >> we are going to take steps to
6:32 pm
ensure officers have an increased presence. >> reporter: the campus community is concerned. some are gripped with the kind of fear that will only pass when arrests are made, the attacks stop and a sense of safety returns. in college park, maryland, chris gordon, news 4. >> campus police are urging students to be careful while walking alone at night and take extra precautions such as programming emergency numbers into cell phones. classes resumed for thousands of public school students in northern virginia. the last wave of school districts to head back to class. in fairfax county budget constraints will bring some changes. student athletes have to pay a $100 fee for each sport they play and $75 fee for advanced placement tests.
6:33 pm
fairfax superintendent said the goal this year is to maintain high student achievement despite growing enrollment and budget cuts. in loudoun county three new schools opened today, an elementary school and two high schools. tusgarora high school in leesburg is the largest school in the county. woodgrove in purcellville is the first new high school in the western part of loudoun county in 48 years. buffalo trail elementary opened in the south riding area. it features the first modern two story design for elementary schools. enrollment in loudoun county has nearly doubled in the past decade. >> right now we are, unfortunately, thinking that in about ten years we may be 2000,000 seats short in loudoun county if we don't find a way to build more schools.
6:34 pm
the kids are continuing to come. we grow by about 3,000 students a year. >> 353 new teachers this year in the loudoun county school district. 48 of them are graduates of the loudoun county schools. a gleaming new public park opened in the anacostia river. the six acre park is part of the massive redevelopment of the navy yard waterfront area from an industrial wasteland. tom sherwood reports. >> along the long neglected anacostia river in southeast washington a whole new community called the yards is rising despite the bad national economy. the district developers were officially opening a $42 million, nearly six acre waterfront park helping to revitalize the industrial and polluted southeast into the new capital river front. >> what you see rising here is a
6:35 pm
major neighborhood that has been remade in the district of columbia out of a brownfield. >> an extraordinary, extraordinary place here and it's going to be amazing. >> just down the street from the new nats ballpark, the yards is an emerging complex that will have residential, retail, office space and biking trails. >> you have to see what having a park this large this close to the water does to revitalize and capture the energy of the city. >> reporter: the anacostia itself is steadily being cleaned up and made really accessible for the first time. >> this park is for the people. the people have not been able to get to the anacostia river at all. i was a child growing up in d.c. never saw the anacostia river. >> reporter: tom sherwood, news 4, washington. >> the new capital river front business district will hold a
6:36 pm
three day celebration beginning this friday in celebration of the new park. coming up, the guest list is out for the kennedy center honors. >> you may know about bob dylan the no oil has flowed into the gulf for weeks,
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but it's just the beginning of our work. i'm iris cross. bp has taken full responsibility for the clean up in the gulf and that includes keeping you informed. my job is to listen to the shrimpers and fishermen, hotel and restaurant workers and find ways to help. that means working with communities. we have 19 centers in 4 states. we've made over 120,000 claims payments, more than $375 million. we've committed $20 billion to an independent claims fund to cover lost income until people impacted can get back to work. we'll keep looking for oil, cleaning it up if we find it and restoring the gulf coast. i was born in new orleans. my family still lives here. bp is gonna be here until the oil is gone and the people and businesses are back to normal... until we make this right.
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welcome back, everybody. a beautiful day out there today. a little bit on the hot side.
6:39 pm
humidity was fairly low so it didn't feel that bad. the temperature made its way above the 90-degree mark. 94 degrees as we continue the hottest summer in washington history. low of 69, average high temperature 82. we were well above that. another hot one. the humidity was not all that bad. temperatures falling to 91 in hagerstown, 88 in frederick. look at annapolis, beautiful along the waterfront. 83. clinton, maryland, 89. quantico 86. tomorrow some changes move in as a frontal boundary moves in tonight. maybe a shower early. then we will see sunshine and clearing. high temperatures into the middle 80s, breezy and cooler weather coming up in the four-day forecast. i will show you in about ten to
6:40 pm
11 minutes. each year the kennedy center selects a handful of artists to celebrate life time achievements. this year oprah winfrey and paul mccartney will receive honors. mccartney was previously chosen in 2000 because had to back out because of a family obligation. merril haggard, jerry herman and bill t. jones will be honored. >> bob dylan is a music icon, but few people know he is also a painter. an exhibition of never before seen paintings by dylan opened in copenhagen. 40 paintings and eight drawings are called the brazil series. they were inspired by a trip that the artist took to that country. the show runs through january 30th. >> they look kind of moodie. >> not all that happy. >> no.
6:41 pm
>> like the virginia tech hokies. they got it handed to them. >> they fought. it was a good game. >> it was a good game. boise state holds off the hokies. dan snyder talks about growing up as an nfl owner. the redskins get to wipe away the taste of going winless in the nfc east next season. ♪
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so did i read in the paper today that boise state is number one now? >> no. >> or got so many vots?
6:44 pm
>> in first place votes, but still number three. get this, they have won seven wac conference titles. wac is wac. >> western athletic conference. wac is wac. >> you look at the competition they are playing against. >> montana. >> virginia tech was the biggest hurdle they had. they definitely proved themselves. >> they can pli. >> yeah. they can play. this is a statement win for the boise state broncos after letting a 17-point lead evaporate they beat the hokies. boise state will not face another opponent as tough aztec. the challenge is to beat the pressure to stay undefeated. at fedex field. boise state chris peterson, virginia tech frank beamer, smiling before the game. boise state up ten. quarterback kellen throws to
6:45 pm
tommy gaillarda. that is beautiful. >> good stuff. >> the broncos go up 17-0. they shock the hokies, but virginia tech, tyrod taylor kept fighting. fourth and five here, taylor throws to his guy. where is boykin? there you are, buddy. he breaks a tackle and this guy is gone. this is my favorite play of the game. the hokies grab the lead 27-21. taylor celebrates from his back. the game far from over. just over a minute to play. tech up by four. the broncos regain the lead. kellen moore finds austin pettis in the end zone. his second touchdown in the game. boise state takes the 33-30 lead. there is time left. 41 seconds to go. fourth and 11 for the hokies. they are going for it. taylor buying some time.
6:46 pm
he throws it deep to boykin. could he make it happen? oh, heartbreak. in and out of his hands. kellen moore celebrates. taylor disappointed. frank beamer said despite the loss, man is he proud of his players' effort. >> i thought we hung in there. i'm proud. when all said and done we were one first down from winning that football game after we went down early. i credit the kids with great effort in coming back and not giving in, but i think the bottom line is we did some things that will hopefully do better next week. >> frank beamer. a disappointing loss. you have to say that team fought very, very hard. i thought yesterday when i said it i was done talking about albert haynesworth. >> yeah, we believe that. >> until this gets sorted out or
6:47 pm
until he gets traded. a source tells me today the redskins are in discussions today, they were in talks yesterday to see if they could trade albert haynesworth to the tennessee titans. stay tuned. no one wants to fork over the money the redskins want to get for him. now everyone wants to see the drama unfold who wants him. >> he has to go somewhere. he is going to be useless. >> the players are embracing him and wants the distraction to go away. that is how albert feels, let me play ball. >> good. >> donovan mcnabb told the guys at 980 they need haynesworth on the field. the redskins are determined not to let this be a distraction. this is not only week one, this is dallas week. we got your shirts ready. >> cool. >> oh, sorry. there is your t-shirt from the redskins.
6:48 pm
>> the redskins bring a new era. >> thank you, lindsay. >> they are both your size. doreen you can sleep in it. donovan mcnabb on the practice field. he is ready to start. he hasn't experienced the rivalry firsthand, but as an nfc lifer he knows about the level of competition. a win would be such a statement. the skins went winless in division play last year. in their final game against the cowboys a december shellacking. they were shut out 17-0. the showing last year, man, that still stings. >> it is embarrassing. i think it was the first time in my career that i think we've ever done that. i can't remember the last time we were winless. that is down right embarrassing. we have whole new leadership.
6:49 pm
like i said, i think it is a beginning. >> it is good to start it off with a bang. we go the boys week one. they are going to bring it. we have to match the intensity. we are on our home field and have to take advantage of that. we played them well the first game last year but came up short. we have to show them, it is a new redskin era, a new team, new regime and show them what we all about. i know they are going to bring it as well so fans stay tuned. >> brian orakpo and the defense is ready to show what they've got. no one would like a win more than dan snyder. every nfl owner has mistakes to take back. for cowboys owner it was firing tom landry. a move that opened a can of criticism that followed him around for years. winning erasing everything. dan snyder is hoping decisions
6:50 pm
that have haunted him will be forgotten with a successful season under this new-look redskins team. he sees this season as a chance to begin a new legacy. he has taken a definitive step back. he se he accepted the fact is he is comfortable with the pieces he has around him. he felt he could give up control because he felt he could turn over the keys to mike shanahan. i asked dan snyder if having mike shanahan allows him to show his personality and let go of the reins as an owner? >> i think to some degrees, yeah. i've got real professionals in charge. they are doing a great job. i'm supportive like i was with joe gibbs. when you are going in the right direction you are going in the right direction. >> you seem so comfortable now. it is a different side of you a lot of people have seen. why that change now?
6:51 pm
>> things are good now. we are going the right direction and you are comfortable. that is a nice place. i was this way with gibbs as well. he left after four years and retired. he tells me not to tell people he redined. he retired. could have kept that going for ten years. >> how do you perceive your role as an owner, how it has changed from a few years back? >> i have matured. i have become older. my patience has changed and i understand things more in life. >> what kinds of things? >> all sorts of things. >> mum is the word. here is the deal. one of the mistakes he admitted to making was hiring jim zorn. the thing people forget is he didn't expect gibbs to retire. that came as a shock to dan snyder. not to say he needed to change some things anyway, but that
6:52 pm
kick started a downfall for that period of time. >> he said zorn. i'm thinking zorn. i'm thinking the coach, the south carolina now. >> spurrier. >> what is his name? schottenheimer. i'm thinking -- >> there is a list to go down. it is impressive and interesting to see the way he has changed his outward image. he really has. he is talking more. he is doing all those things. winning erases everything. jerry jones has three super bowl rings. >> interesting to see the relationship between the two of them. didn't realize they were close. >> and jerry acted like a mentor and dan is where jerry was when jerry first came into the league. >> there are people in texas who hate him for firing landry all those years ago, with a all those rings. tbo: our breakout session is gonna gre.
6:53 pm
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my job is to listen to the shrimpers and fishermen, hotel and restaurant workers and find ways to help. that means working with communities. we have 19 centers in 4 states. we've made over 120,000 claims payments, more than $375 million. we've committed $20 billion to an independent claims fund to cover lost income until people impacted can get back to work. we'll keep looking for oil, cleaning it up if we find it and restoring the gulf coast. i was born in new orleans. my family still lives here. bp is gonna be here until the oil is gone and the people and businesses are back to normal... until we make this right.
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there is a new report on smoking in this country and it is kind of frustrating to health officials. the report finds that smoking rates are holding steady in the u.s. the report shows about one in five adults and one in five
6:56 pm
teenagers lights up regularly. the rate had been basically flat since about 2004. the cdc says the habit is deadly. about 1,000 americans die each day because of smoking. health officials blame this on cuts in anti-tobacco campaigns and shrewd marketing by tobacco companies. fda warned lipton to stop making claims about the green tee beverage. canada dry claims in the sparkling green tea ginger ale are not verified. and lipton green tea says it is designed to treat disease. company officials have 15 days to respond. coming up at 11:00, as kids return to school, many are
6:57 pm
getting back on the field playing football and soccer. there are new concerns some kids could get concussions without realizing it. this 18-year-old girl was playing lacrosse when she collided with another player hit in the back of the head. she continues to play. >> i didn't think it was serious. i got home and i had a really, really bad headache. >> chloe went to see dr. michael joke senn where she was diagnosed with a mild traumatic brain injury, commonly known as a concussion. the doctor says he sees it common among young athletes. >> if you have a second concussion before you completely healed from the first concussion, there is risk of much more severe injury and some kases, although rare, death.
6:58 pm
>> early warning signs about a concussion to spot it before it gets dangerous. one final check on the weather, doug. i heard you call this the hottest summer in history. >> that is in there. the hottest summer. june, july and august. >> we knew that. >> one of the hottest summers and going down in the record books. high today 94. not all rain, 65 to 72. four day forecast showing 87 for a high tomorrow. 78 on thursday. saturday coming in 80 degrees. our next chance of rain coming
6:59 pm
in on sunday. not on saturday. on sunday. >> all right, thanks, doug. >> you go fishing up in the mountains along the appalachian range. a nan virginia found jelly fish. he noticed shiny objects in the water. he scooped them with a glass jar. they are about the size of a quarter. don't let that fool you. just like their larger saltwater cousins they will zap you. you know what a jelly fish sting hurts like? like something awful. >> use meat tenderizer.

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